The two French software vendors, Clever Technologies © & Octime partnered to send SMS from Octime , in order to offer an additional service to users Octime solutions via SMS platform Clever Technologies © , with a sending system & receive messages, SMS, email, fax, voice messages, pagers.

SMS broadcasting software from Octime

OCTIME The company is a leading software company in France in the field of Planning and Management of Working Time, which capitalizes expertise of over 20 years and hundreds of accompanying structures of all sizes (from 5 30 000 employees) in all sectors.

OCTIME is the inventor of the planning concept, modern, decentralized, easy to use by all and so important to efficiently organize the use of the estimated time employees.

Send SMS with OctimeThe software solution OCTIME The editor allows forward planning for the management of working timethat takes into account the needs and plans for management of services, while ensuring compliance with regulatory agreements of the Labour Code, the collective agreement and agreements premises. The OCTIME planning management software provides users with a real tool for decision support for the management of their teams.

Working time management can be ensured by the establishment of a badging system that will automatically identify anomalies: delay, absence, non-compliance with breaks, minimum time not worked, alerts hour counters … It will be possible configure the SMS with Octime via the platform connection CLEVER Technologies ©

The establishment of consistent forecast schedules also enhances staff efficiency and ensures equity among employees.

The success of a project schedule management and time is the result of a powerful software package, combined with coaching on effective field. The OCTIME speakers are experts in their field: project managers, organizational consultants, installers, trainers, regulatory consultants, hot-liners.

Octime their software suites meet the requirements for support to the decision and control business performance by offering simple solutions to use and accessible to all, proposed in packaged configurations to suit all regulations.

The OCTIME solutions and SMS service provider france Clever Technologies © interfaced with many software packages such as Cegid, Sage, ADP, Alfa, Ciril, SD Works, Cegedim, Lefebvre Software, Meta 4 Sedit Marianne CPage, Agirh, Prios, FOMI, Agfa, JVS, etc …

Today OCTIME is the partner of more than 1,500 active customers (7,000 facilities) and continued its strong market penetration with continued growth.

 Download documentation to configure sending SMS from Octime:

There are two possibilities OCTIME to send SMS:
– With the Alerter Module
– With screens or pages OCTIME

There are two main modes of sending text messages from OCTIME:

– Sending SMS by sending an email.
– Sending an SMS using a web service.

Download HERE  the documentions to send SMS via Octime ,

Information to remember: OCTIME does not support the sale of SMS, the purchase is made ​​from the site CleverSMS Light , or by the sales department.

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