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©CLEVER Technologies , professional experts of the alarm message and SMS alert provides a range of services and applications for sending messages , SMS SaaS , meeting your mobile communications applications: SMS marketing , mailing SMS , enterprise solution for sending SMS professionals (SMS server , sending SMS Server , SMS Gateway , SMS API , mail to fax , SMS, mail, SMS to email , vocalized messages, even messages including .pdf ) ©CLEVERSMS


©CLEVER Technologies is a leader in the world of alarm monitoring with specialized applications, industrial monitoring and alerts, alarm management with management of on-call schedules. Solution for crisis centers , integrating market and protocols concerning all areas of IT , industry and / or security, locally or via the web interface, it is a complete platform a true industrial controller: ©MEMOGuard


Publisher of SMS software with professional services to send and receive text messages , messages, email, fax, voicemail , pager , pager via SaaS platforms sending messages . Supervision & monitoring tools with alarm management and periodic penalty payments via web management GUI . Find all our communication solutions: SMS Gateway Server or SMS , APIs and web services interface for all your applications. More certifs


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"We have all software solutions and services for texting (SMS server, email, voice SMS, fax, multiple SMS text messages grouped ...)"

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cleversms ©CLEVER Technologies publisher of the software solution CLEVERSMS © (Saas or installable) that can send and receive SMS via internet with APIs and Web service. ©CLEVERSMS interfaces with all information systems, applications, crm, automata, equipment. SMS allows you to send and receive text messages through the Internet, email, fax, voice messages, and from any type of computer hardware, tablet, to any phone, fixed or mobile: ©CLEVERSMS More

memoguard © CLEVER Technologies, supervision systems editor of alarms and alerts on call management and sending secure messages on the custodial staff;  © MEMOGuard. is a robust, efficient and automated management with on-call schedule with HMI to oversee the risks of all kinds. Computer Monitoring Software with early-warning system to alert on-call staff on the mobile, pager, email, voicemail, fax. ©MEMO Guard More

cleversmslight Check out our SMS platform with secure online payment by credit card :

  • Customizing the issuer
  • Managing SMS STOP
  • Sending SMS offline
  • Report detailed campaign

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Our WordPress solution

Sending SMS from WordPress

The extension Sending SMS-CleverSMS allows you to send SMS via SMS sending platform © CLEVER Technologies. It is accessible to all users, even for non-experts. You can use the following features:

  • Unit sending SMS, SMS number or grouped
  • Send SMS automatically deferred SMS, programmed
  • Management acknowledgment with status of sent SMS
  • Personalized transmitter with the company name
  • STOP SMS Management for deregistration procedure *** CNIL

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False SMS : The DGCCRF fight against fake SMS and unscrupulous publishers. 

Publisher sending SMS - SMS-SMS gateway server - SMS Alert - Plate SMS form - SMS Server - sending SMS Gateway - SMS API - Web SMS - Supervision software - Hypervision penalty payments - Technical call - API SMS SOAPI

Fake SMS, Finally the fight intensifies against unscrupulous publishers.

Windfall gains, false promises, incredible deals, lotteries and gifts of all kinds, all day long are sent false messages with the actual intent to harm, and no one will complain, especially professionals we stop the cost it takes Install the DGCCRF (Directorate General for Competition, Consumer Affairs and Fraud Control) against these unscrupulous publishers, rotting the profession and abuse the users regularly.

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Sending SMS Customer Relationship Management.

Send SMS with Siebel Call Center

Continuing its willingness to collaborate and integrate the platforms of leading manufacturers, CLEVER Technologies ©offers the possibility to send SMS with from the Customer Relationship Management interface. The Oracle Siebel CRM implementation is a real customer relationship management (CRM) solution, it is one of the most comprehensive in the world. The relationship management products Siebel customers of Oracle Corporation are leaders in CRM on-site with a comprehensive strategy dedicated to the SMB market.

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Pager beeper JTECH compelled to France & software with CLEVER Technologies

astreinte Bipeur radiomessagerie

JTECH France - Radiomessagerie bipeur



Both companies JTECH France & CLEVER Technologies © decided to work together to offer their customers the opportunity to receive the pagers messages sent by any technical or industrial computer systems as controllers connected. The call management solution MEMOGuard © can manage messages and provides additional services such as payment and the abutment ** * by calling a dedicated number input to MEMOGuard ©. The information channeled through RS232 protocol.

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