Sending SMS Customer Relationship Management.

Send SMS with Siebel Call Center

Continuing its willingness to collaborate and integrate the platforms of leading manufacturers, CLEVER Technologies ©offers the possibility to send SMS with from the Customer Relationship Management interface. The Oracle Siebel CRM implementation is a real customer relationship management (CRM) solution, it is one of the most comprehensive in the world. The relationship management products Siebel customers of Oracle Corporation are leaders in CRM on-site with a comprehensive strategy dedicated to the SMB market.

Send SMS for customer relationship management

Looking communication solutions provider for texting with Siebel or other CRM so contact us for a study and a personalized quote. Who can do more can do less, the solution can be fully integrated, it will be easy to transform on the fly mails SMS or vice versa, the important thing is to reach the destination as quickly as possible and where there will be found.  We have a communication platform with professional services to send and receive text messages, messages, email, fax, voicemail, pager, pager SaaS.

Needless to say that SMS communication resulted in 99% of cases, and this is the most effective way to treat an emergency or alert, by directly touching the end user, or heart target.

Why choose Oracle Siebel solution?

Siebel operates in eight business lines, financial, communication, energy, life sciences, industrial, consumer products, public sector and travel and transportation Declared by Larry Ellison, the CEO of Oracle, « With  Oracle Siebel Systems  becomes the number of CRM solutions in the world.  »

  • Siebel : combination of transactional functions, analytical and advocacy for managing all of the customer relationship operations.

The Siebel CRM, customer relationship management, sales offers several functions, service, marketing communications and customer loyalty management, and customer orders in a single application. Siebel CRM solution remains an essential component of the Oracle Customer Experience Management product portfolio.Siebel platform account for almost 70% of the customer relationship management market according to Gartner.

Siebel CRM Customer Relationship Management offers a combination of transactional functions, analytical and advocacy to manage all customer relations operations. Adapted to the needs of professionals, the Siebel CRM customer relationship management solution is complete with a multitude of options, on-site and on demand.

Oracle Siebel Sales CRM applications optimize the effectiveness of real-time sales by accelerating the process that extends to the payment of the quote, the alignment of sales channels, increasing rates opportunities and sales achievement and the increase in the average value of transactions.

Oracle PRM, which now includes Siebel became one of the market leading solutions and CRM allows the brand to achieve ambitious goals. The customer relationship management technology, Oracle offers Siebel CRM server infrastructure ensuring the support of all Siebel applications. It provides all range of solutions for: the development, deployment, diagnostics, integration, productivity and mobile services. The full range of Oracle Siebel Contact Center and Service Products helps companies deliver a powerful customer service, faster and more efficient.

Sending SMS from Siebel and CleverSMS platform ©  :

cleversmsOur platform is interfaced with the customer relations management application to send SMS from the Siebel solution . CLEVER Technologies© software and SaaS service editor, recognized specialist for over 18 years in the dissemination of alert messages, sending SMS alarm and alert professionals, including SMS landlines, « said vocalized messages » offers a range of solutions to meet the various mobile communication needs.