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Both companies JTECH France & CLEVER Technologies © decided to work together to offer their customers the opportunity to receive the pagers messages sent by any technical or industrial computer systems as controllers connected. The call management solution MEMOGuard © can manage messages and provides additional services such as payment and the abutment ** * by calling a dedicated number input to MEMOGuard ©. The information channeled through RS232 protocol.

On-call personnel management with pagers and paging JTECH France MEMOGuard ©

Mutual integration solutions between the two publishers, provides users the opportunity to benefit from additional security in the management of alerts and management or periodic penalty payments. Indeed, the paging network JTECH France is secure, available and reliable: it is acclaimed by professionals such as nuclear power plants, risk industries, hospitals, fire brigade etc. etc.

For 15 years, France offers JTECH paging solutions enable its customers to increase team productivity by communicating with short messages. Powered by a dynamic team for 7 years in France, JTECH France provides a range of professional products and now has a large customer base with references in the industrial sector in cooperation with Siemens, Chubb Security Saint Gobain …

Pager beeper and ALARM REPORT on alphanumeric pagers radio messaging

Consists of a transmitter and one or more pager (s), this solution is easily interfaced with all your technical and industrial computer systems through:

  • Dry contacts (one message and one or more recipients can be assigned to each dry contact)
  • In RS232 (a simple communication protocol with the transmitter is provided to you, if you will provide your protocols, we can program an interface to go directly alarms on pagers.
  • Transmission range of 1 km to ensure reception of alarms wherever the technician
  • Vibrating pagers and / or ringing with display messages allowing the technician to know precisely the point of care

Some important advantages:

  • Reduced response times
  • Decrease in the immobilization of your equipment
  • Strengthening all the security chain.
  • Neither cables nor son to install (Unless dry contacts)
  • Easy installation, fast and secure.

Acquittal and abutting the Pager beeper JTECH France in the call management software MEMOGuard © CLEVER Technologies ©

* What’s acquittal: This is to confirm the assumption of a received message by calling a number to validate the management of demand with a code or not. The possibility of setting up double acknowledgment is then used to finalize the operation and whether it is determined whether or not.

** What is abutted: The abutment allows linking stakeholders via a phone call to a server that requires them to compose a control via DTMF codes to validate the choice at the request of the voice server .