False SMS : The DGCCRF fight against fake SMS and unscrupulous publishers. 

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Fake SMS, Finally the fight intensifies against unscrupulous publishers.

Windfall gains, false promises, incredible deals, lotteries and gifts of all kinds, all day long are sent false messages with the actual intent to harm, and no one will complain, especially professionals we stop the cost it takes Install the DGCCRF (Directorate General for Competition, Consumer Affairs and Fraud Control) against these unscrupulous publishers, rotting the profession and abuse the users regularly.

False SMS, all the press says

Several newspapers, knowledgeable echo and relay a call for vigilance, which has just been launched yesterday to call consumers to redouble their vigilance and not respond to messages, especially from numbers starting with 08.99 XX because they are fraudulent practices which have no other purpose than to trap the end user, making it consume surcharged messages, and often repeated several times in the same day.

Fake SMS, to denounce 33700

We can only relay the message, it is necessary to counteract and denounce such practices, reporting to appropriate platforms, eg send SMS to 33700, that the French Telecoms Federation , may help to clean the market.

Fight against Spam and False SMS, text and voice

Not only fraudsters targeted false writings SMS, but some still send voice SMS (even more expensive) in any case it must end these totally fraudulent practices that go up to resell them lists recipients (often illegal lists), which has the effect in addition to discredit our profession, where the scammers do not have their place, and professionals that we can only be delighted to see put in place such actions .

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