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Alertes vocales Alarmes - Partenariat CLEVER Technologies

Alert Voice Alarms, and Atelsys Clever Technologies®, offer their public services to Senoble

CLEVER Technologies® Atelsys and sign a partnership to offer their customers the industrial world, considerable improvements in their mutual communication.

  • “Their availability, expertise and responsiveness in addition to a real professionalism are the elements that have allowed us to make the choice of supervision MEMOGuard ” for our customers, “said Christophe Proux of Atelsys Manager
  • “The quality of its technical teams, their advanced know-how and the forefront of new technologies, especially in technical solutions for telecom, meant that the current is passed between us immediately, send voice sms alarm to inform  “said Paul Katan Clever responsible.

Application Example: send voice alarm

MEMOGuard is a monitoring solution developed by CLEVER Technologies® for the establishment of effective supervision and start-up crisis units, coupled with the multimodal solution (CLEVERSMS) for sending secure messages over the Internet (SMS, voice messages, mail, fax …), it is the choice made ​​by Atelsys for supervision alerts Senoble their client.
Through a voice call (or any other desired means), an alarm is set, and via the Cleversms, and customer database Senoble, a set of emails and SMS are sent to the customer. Historical and other sending and receiving slips are available in real time, making it possible for the end customer, visualization and the situation of their flow.

About Atelsys:

Since 1989, Atelsys, communication solutions integrator played the innovative menu with its local customers. IP telephony, video over IP, Video Surveillance, the IT services in the broader sense, have no mystery to Atelsys.Thus the alarm, access control and intrusion protection in local business and industry, are the daily work of technicians Atelsys. whose principle is to offer their customers a simple communication, reliable, easy to use, while remaining consistent with the evolution of new technologies.

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About CLEVER Technologies®:

CLEVER Technologies®, a specialist solutions provider recognized since 1998, the alarm sending SMS alert and professional, including SMS to landlines, “said vocalized messages” offers a range of solutions to meet the different needs of mobile communication. Applications of people call management, cell crisis and supervision for all sectors of government, industry and / or safety.

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